Friday, 6 June 2008


They are approximations. Never forget that they are approximations. Sometimes they are perfectly accurate, but only for values that you hardly ever find used at run time.

ordered in a sane way, they are made up of 1 bit of sign, 8 bits of exponent and 23 bits of mantissa. You can think of this as 1+(mantissa) * 2^(exponent-127) * sign

this means that the value 1.0f is actually "1+(0.0) * 2^(127-127) * +1" (which works out as 0x3F800000)

if we have -1.0f, then the only bit that changes is the sign bit.. (which means that the hex value gets + 0x80000000 and becomes 0xBF800000)

being able to recognize these values can be useful during debugging, especially if your pointers have these values, as its probably a data overrun of some sort.

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