Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Management is hard.

Can you manage more than ten people? They are all doing different tasks, each one reporting back to you once a day about their progress including any reports on difficulties. These difficulties need to be disseminated out to the appropriate ears so that problems can be swiftly dealt with. Add the job of managing resources between these people, requests for assets, requests for features, and you get a hell of a tangled web. Then add in illness, holiday, differing skill sets, rate of work, and you get an incredible amount of information. Can you still manage ten people?

If you think you can, then you're probably wrong.

So, how do large organisations work? Why don't they fail miserably? The answer normally lies in using a hierarchy so that there is no more than four or five people being managed at once, but that means that staff are lost to management that might be able to do other jobs better.

Is there an alternative? Your own comments first before I reveal my opinions.

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