Tuesday, 29 July 2008


It's important to realise that you have a process, even if it includes no written rules. Everyone has their way of doing things. What most people don't see is that process is one of the more important areas of self improvement. If you have a constantly evolving, improving process that you follow, then you are less likely to commit the same bugs twice and more able to remember what to do next.

Process includes how you code, what tools you use, how you approach tasks and how you manage your time. There are innumerable areas in which any individual can improve, and the same goes for companies too.

Every time you see something go wrong, have a think about what could have been put in place to make it never have happened, this is the safeguard. Also think about other things that could have happened because of the lack of this safeguard. This will let you hunt down other bugs/errors quicker than just waiting for them to happen or be found, and will allow you to move onto bigger things quicker.

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