Friday, 19 March 2010

How I do the washing up.

Here is how I do the washing up.

  • Take one dirty thing from the pile of dirty things
  • if it looks as if it needs food scraping off:
  • I grab my scraping thing, walk to the bin, scrape off the crud, return to the sink, put down the scraper.
  • if it still looks dirty
  • I fill the bowl to the necessary level to wash up the item, put on gloves, wash it up, put it on the drainer, empty the bowl, take off gloves.
  • if it is now wet
  • I grab a drying towel, dry the item, put the towel back down
  • then as it must be clean by this point, i put it away where it belongs, then return to the sink ready to start all over again.
No, hang on, that's not how I wash up, that's how I code with virtuals. Doh. Silly me.

1 comment:

Ethics said...

Virtuals aren't waterproof. You're probably going to have to get some new ones. Did you keep the reciept?