Friday, 14 May 2010

Bit masks for asking questions

Suppose you have some state questions that give answers, such as "taller than six foot", "have brown hair", "weighs under 100kg", "is married"

these questions can be asked of a large population, and if you represent the answers on a bit field, you get a simple to scan list of ints for answers to questions.
e.g. b1101 is a brown haired heavy tall person that is married, and b0000 is a typical coder with non-brown hair ;)

if you want to find all the people with brown hair that weigh under 100kg, then you can just use a simple mask: b0110, and check for equality.

answer is the bitfield for the answers for one element / person
question is the question bit field

if( answer&question==question )
  // is what I am looking for.

this is okay for sitations where you want all positive answers, but what about negative ones? how do you find the single people under six foot?

if( answer&question == 0 )
  // is what I'm looking for.

this is okay, but what about combining the two? say you want to know how many people are unmarried brown-hairs?

if( answer&interest == question )
  // is what I'm looking for.

what's interest? its the bit field of question bits I'm interested in. so, for the last question, unmarried-brown-haired : Interest b0101 Question b0100

this effectively gives you tri state checking on binary bit fields of information.

One more example:


put in "preCalcSkinningList" I110 Q110 // don't skin calc for unchanging meshes
put in "doLightingList" I101 Q001 // don't pre-light skinned meshes
put in "renderStaticList" I110 Q100 // render non-animated skins as statics
put in "renderStaticList" I100 Q000 // everything else is static
put in "renderSkinnedListUnlit" I111 Q110 // and skinned rendering too
put in "renderSkinnedListLLit" I111 Q111

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